Peruvian Market is Special Ally of the Electro-Electronic Industry of Brazil

22 companies from Brazil arrive on a commercial mission to hold business roundtables with Peruvian businessmen, on October 23-24, in Lima.

Next week, a trade mission from Brazil will come to the country in search of increasing the volumes of trade between the two countries, which becomes a development opportunity for entrepreneurs in the electro-electronic sectors.

The sector program for export and attraction of investment Electric-Electronic Brazil; a result of the agreement between ABINEE, Associação Brasileira de Indústria Elétrica eEletrônica e Apex-Brasil, Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos, carries out this mission with the objective of promoting foreign trade between countries.

The main objective of the mission is to search for business opportunities and alliances with the Peruvian market, in addition to strengthening the international relations network. Peru is an important trading partner of Brazil, with a strong presence in international trade compared to its South American neighbors. The Peruvian economy is the fifth largest economy in South America. It is behind Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile, for these reasons Peru is an excellent option for new business.

Peruvian market

According to SNMPE, Peru has one of the most reliable electrical systems in Latin America. Electricity production in Peru has tripled in the last 20 years, reaching 51.647 GWh in 2016. The growth of electricity production has increased the demand for transmission lines of extension by about 142% between 1996 and 2016.

Since 2003, investments in the electric sector have increased every year until they stabilize at around US$ 2 billion.

Purchasing in Brazil

Peru has become a target market for Brazil in recent years. On average, Peruvian companies bought products from the electro-electronic sector of US$ 171 million per year.

For Giselle Hipólito, Abinee’s International Relations Manager, “The mission has the best expectations and intends to generate business US$ 1 million during the round, with projection for the next 12 months of US$ 6 million. We are confident with the increase in trade between our countries in this sector.”

Peru is an excellent market for these products. The World Bank’s publication: Fazendo Business62 highlights that the Peruvian economy is better than the average of the economies in Latin America and the Caribbean, making it easier to do business in the country than in the region in general.

The event will count on the participation of companies that develop components and products of technology, energy, systems and security for the electric and electronic sectors.

Electro-Electronic Brasil

Electro-Electronic Brasil Program is the result of the agreement between ABINEE and Apex Brasil – (Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos), with the objective of promoting foreign trade in the electronic and electronic sector.

The initiative contemplates several commercial promotion actions, such as participation in fairs, missions, business roundtables, market studies, buyer project, among others.

The program currently has 79 participating companies, covering the areas of industrial automation, electro-electronic components, telecommunications, electrical installation material, industrial equipment, electronic security and GTD.

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  • Cerâmica Santa Terezinha
  • Christie Digital System
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  • Fama
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  • IMS Power Quality
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